Less than 10 minutes south of Grants Pass, Murphy lies just off the Williams Highway. One of the closest Applegate Valley communities to Grants Pass, Murphy rests at the intersection of Murphy Creek and the Applegate River. It is home to the Three Rivers School District, the Murphy General Store, Hidden Valley High School, and several retail stores.

Applegate Activities and Interests

Applegate River is a hidden secret for some of the best fly fishing in Oregon. Stretching 51 miles from the ...
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Famous Applegate Valley Wineries and Vineyards

Welcome to the Applegate Valley in Southern Oregon. Fifty mere miles long, the Applegate Valley heads north from the California ...
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Sample the local flavor of Applegate Valley

Provolt Market Deli and Bakery Located about 15 miles from Grants Pass, where Hwy 238 and Williams Hwy diverge, sits ...
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