Located in the western portion of Jackson County, Rogue River is a small community that has become the home to an estimated 2,266 residents, which are distributed into a total of 1,274 housing units with a median housing value of $157,000, across a total area of 0.97 square miles.

Originally known as Woodville, Rogue River received its name in 1912 when it was incorporated into the municipality. The city is served by the Rogue River School District, which is in charge of the city’s five schools, which include Evans Valley Elementary School, Rivers Edge Academy Charter School, Rogue River Elementary School, Rogue River High School, and Rogue River Middle School.

Rogue River is known for its warm summers and mild winters, in which the high temperature during the month of July reaches a comfortable 89 degrees, while the low temperature during the month of January is 33 degrees. These mild temperatures are the cause of below average precipitation, with 28 inches of rain and 14 inches of snow during the year. This, together with an average of 199 sunny days, attract a large number of tourists to the area, who enjoy visiting during the summer months.

One of the most popular attractions in Rogue River is the Palmerton Arboretum, an arboretum spread out over 5 acres of land, containing approximately 90 species of trees and shrubs from all over the world. The land was originally the home of a tree nursery in the 1930s and today houses a large number of Japanese pines, Mediterranean cedars, redwoods, and other trees from the Pacific Northwest. Different kinds of azaleas and rhododendrons can also be found, together with a good selection of other plants, shrubs and tree. A duck pond, playground, and picnic area provide additional entertainment to visitors and locals alike, which is why it has become one of the “must see” points of interest of the area.  Zip Code: 97537.

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