Located in the western portion of Jackson County, Rogue River is a small community that has become the home to an estimated 2,266 residents, which are distributed into a total of 1,274 housing units with a median housing value of $157,000, across a total area of .97 square miles.

Originally known as Woodville, Rogue River received its name in 1912 when it was incorporated into the municipality. The city is served by the Rogue River School District, which is in charge of the city’s schools, which include Rivers Edge Academy Charter School, Rogue River Elementary School, Rogue River High School.

What the locals do. . .The Greenway

The Bear Creek Greenway is a 20-mile, paved, multi-use trail that links the cities of Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Medford and Central ...
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Gold Hill Amenities

Lodging: Lazy Acres Motel & RV Park 1550 2nd Ave. Restaurants & Dining: Patti's Kitchen 505 2nd Ave Figaro's Pizza ...
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Restaurants in Rogue River

Restaurants Tarascos's Mexican Restaurant - Tarasco's goal is to provide the best quality homestyle meals, served in a warm and ...
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City of Rogue River- Surrounding Areas; Gold Hill

Oregon Vortex- A vortex, essentially a whirlpool of force, is the basic form of our universe. From our galaxy, whose vortex ...
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Things to Do While Near the City of Rogue River

Raft the Rogue -A calm stretch of the Rogue River begins at the All Sports Park in Gold Hill and ...
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